Climate Finance Done Differently

Focused on investing and managing high-impact carbon assets by leveraging our proprietary investment framework, research, & data.

A New Approach to Carbon Finance

Canoe Carbon provides innovative financial solutions to the global carbon offset market. We take an asset management approach, supported by a unique suite of impact ratings and standards utilizing big data and an artificial intelligence platform to help diversify and de-risk investment in carbon projects around the world.

More Impact

Capitalizing on the whitespace of quality, high-impact offset credits


Extensive experience in ESG finance, carbon offset and capital markets


Developing proprietary frameworks with Big Data and AI to measure impact

Global Reach

Robust investment opportunities from global network of developers


Distinct approach to assessing impact and raitings


Proprietary frameworks utilizing artificial intelligence to measure impact


Distinct approach to assessing impact and raitings


Proprietary frameworks utilizing artificial intelligence to measure impact

118 million

Tons of CO2 available in portfolio partners

$100 million

Target investment in projects by 2030

25+ developers

Target developers funded by 2030

200+ impacts

Addressed across all portfolio

Innovative Capital Solutions for Carbon Project Developers

Canoe Carbon provides non-dilutive financing to offset project developers in return for a percentage of their carbon credits. Because we don’t invest in projects directly, we reduce portfolio risk for investors and spread risk across multiple projects, developers, and impacts. Our hybrid approach to climate finance enables institutional investors and large corporates to invest in carbon credits with less risk than investing directly in projects.

Proprietary Impact Framework, Technology & Ratings

We take a systemic approach that can accurately evaluate project impacts and avoid risks associated with thematic investment Our proprietary AI-backed research and data supports and screens the highest quality investment opportunities, going well beyond traditional approaches.

Canoe Foundation

The Canoe Foundation is an independent body within Canoe Carbon that identifies and prioritizes impacts based on research supported by academia, technology, big data, and artificial intelligence.