We invest in and manage high-impact carbon assets by leveraging our proprietary investment framework, research, and data.

Climate Finance Done Differently

Canoe invests in proprietary investment opportunities and delivers outsized returns with the highest impact. Our primary objective is to deliver superior shareholder returns over the long term with a systemic approach to evaluate both positive and negative impacts associated with our portfolio of offset credits.


Capitalizing on the whitespace of quality, high-impact offset credits


Extensive experience in ESG finance, carbon offset and capital markets


Developing proprietary frameworks with Big Data and AI to measure impact

Global Reach

Robust investment opportunities from global network of developers

Impact Standards & Ratings

Informed capital allocation deployment aided by proprietary artificial intelligence-backed impact framework and rating system to assess the best investment opportunities that enhance “co-benefits”, resulting in premium pricing of our offset credits

Innovative Capital Solutions

We provide bespoke and attractive financing solutions to developers while enhancing return on investment, building and strengthening relationships with stakeholders with the goal of incubating further next opportunities.